What’s missing?

There are a few things missing from this site compared to the old one, but to be honest not much. Content wise, the last iteration didn’t have a great deal going for it and I doubt this will be very different.

But the main thing that I am thrilled will be missing is… The contact form.

The Contact Form?

As mentioned here, the last iteration of this site dated from my days working as a consultancy, and was in large part a professional “shop window”. That meant the obligatory “Contact Us” page on the site.

Needing a basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to track my clients and their projects, I naturally went with a Cloud-based service optimised for small businesses - Capsule CRM. I mention them by name here because they offer a good service, and I was very happy with the product for as long as I used it.

But I made one critical mistake - in the interests of allowing customers to quickly get in contact, I set up a web form on the Snowgoons site which allowed a potential customer to directly enter their requirements, which would automatically create a lead in the Capsule CRM platform using their API. Super! Except…

Oh God, The Spam…

SO MUCH SPAM. Honestly, you would not believe the number of offers to redesign my website, for Search Engine Optimisation (the ultimate snakeoil of the Internet era), or, just yesterday the unique opportunity to buy something for the man in my life’s mancave:

From: Erma Rojas

Need a unique, personalized gift for the man in your life and his mancave? How about a photograph about something of interest to him.

Visit https://bit.ly/redacted and start your search at humor and unusual/humor and continue to 22 other categories.

Prices start at $25 and use discoun…

Which I think begs the obvious question: Who the hell actually uses words like ‘mancave’ without irony?

So yeah, the automated spam delivery system. That’s missing from this website. Good riddance!