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The New

Welcome to the new website!

This site has been long overdue a revamp for some time, so here it is - the new incarnation.  Bear with me for a bit while the rough edges get smoothed off!


For anyone interested in what's behind the site...  Having designed and built Content Management Systems supporting hundreds of content producers and millions of end users, I knew one thing - that level of complexity was most certainly not what was required for this relatively simple website, which is effectively a 'shop front' for new clients and a place for existing clients to keep in touch.

But that doesn't mean it doesn't need a CMS.  The initial hassle of setting one up, rather than just hand-rolling HTML code, is massively outweighed by the convenience it later gives you to manage content instead of managing a website.

After evaluating a few alternatives, I've settled on Joomla to power the site.  The open-source CMS offers the right balance of flexibility and extensibility - more powerful than, say, Wordpress - with ease of use.  Maintaining this website is not the day job - maintaining other people's is - so ease of use is an important consideration!


Joomla isn't the only piece of software running on this site.  For project collaboration with clients, I use ProjectPier; and for Service Management the OTRS ITIL-compatible ITSM solution.  I'll write a bit more about these in the future - but in the meantime, I hope you like the new site!

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